DELF, an enterprise with artisanal tradition was founded in 1951. Today, quality and originality of our creations are recognized and appreciated not only in France, but all over the world by professionals and amateurs of art.

The wide range of our contemporary and antiques models, together with the multiple possibilities of vernishes, liners and surfaces allows you to personnalize each frame, no matter if a contemporary figurative or an abstract painting is concerned.

Finishing the surface of the frame, we still keep to the ancient handcraft techniques such as water gilding, burnishing, genuine gold leafing etc..., which your eye easily notices and which your hands touches. Due to the various production steps done by hand, necessary for most of our finishes, we try to reproduce the original model as close as possible. However, every frame has its own individual nuance which is a definite proof for handcraft work and highest quality.

Made in France.

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